Our Factory

Organically grown products reaching our factory for packing undergo a strict process to ensure their quality.

  1. Upon reaching the factory, harvested greens, mushrooms, etc are inspected by a highly trained team for the quality
  2. They are then washed in clean running water
  3. Next, they are washed in water mixed with a highly effective food-grade antiseptic quite harmless to health, to ensure there will be no germs in the packed products
  4. Stored in plastic containers and are handed-over to Cutting & Packing section

Our Cutting & Packing Section is an air-conditioned facility to ensure no contamination, and is kept in a highly sterile manner.

At the Cutting & Packing section:

  1. Greens are very thinly cut by a staff trained for that purpose
  2. A quality check is performed again
  3. Packed for delivery

Packed products are delivered to outlets in air-conditioned vans & freezer lorries to ensure the freshness of the products our clients will be buying.

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