Three Star Organic Farm (pvt) Ltd


Terms And Conditions

It is in such a context that Three star Organic, Pvt Ltd., having been in the business of producing organic Leaves and Vegetable for the past 25 years.Three Star Organic is a certified organic food (Leaves / vegetable /fruits/ Traditional Rice / Grain /) producer and supplier in Sri Lanka. The following terms & conditions may apply while shopping at

Organic Vegetables are grown in the farm fields where the soil is rich in favorable Microorganisms for crop growth and free from synthetic agrochemicals. Organic Vegetables production is a part of the sustainable agricultural production system Where the synergetic relationships between plants, animals and microorganisms exist. We ensure efficient utilization of natural resources for production while conserving Them for future generations.


The customer has the choice to order the desired quantity (grams / kilograms). It is the buyer’s responsibility to check the availability of the stocks of fruits and vegetables on our store before purchasing. The list of available fruits and vegetables, quantities and the prices will be displayed on our online store for your convenience.

Each fruit and vegetable delivery will be conducted in batches; on different dates and different locations, depending on the order volumes and deliveries assigned. The net weight of the delivered fruits and vegetables may vary due to packaging, weather conditions and other related matters occurred during shipment. We may change the delivery date, in case of any changes in order volumes or delivery schedules. Depending on the number of orders reserved and stock availability, the quantities of available fruits and vegetables might go out of stock.


Payment Methods

Customers can select one of the methods from Cash on Delivery or Pay by Visa cards. If paying by a valid Visa card: Payment should be paid in advance through our online payment system. If paying by Cash: Payments can be made upon delivery