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Cassava is a good source of resistant starch, which supports gut health and blood sugar management. It also contains vitamin C, a key micronutrient that can enhance immune function and collagen production.


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Benefits and nutritional profile of cassava

Cassava is a calorie-rich vegetable that contains plenty of carbohydrates and key vitamins and minerals.

Cassava is a good source of vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. The leaves, which are also edible if a person cooks them or dries them in the sun, can contain up to 25% protein.

However, the cassava root does not deliver the same nutritional value as other tuber vegetables.

Tapioca starch is gaining attention as a source of gluten-free flour to make bread and other baked products that are suitable for people with an intolerance to gluten.

Cassava is a source of resistant starch, which scientists suggest can boost a person’s gut health by helping nurture beneficial gut bacteria. Resistant starches remain relatively unchanged as they pass through the digestive tract.

The nutritional profile of 1 cupTrusted Source of raw cassava is as follows:

calories: 330
protein: 2.8 grams (g)
carbohydrate: 78.4 g
fiber: 3.7 g
calcium: 33.0 milligrams (mg)
magnesium: 43.0 mg
potassium: 558.0 mg
vitamin C: 42.4 mg
thiamine: 0.087 mg
riboflavin: 0.048 mg
niacin: 0.854 mg

Cassava contains only small amounts of proteins and fats. As a result, people who use cassava as a primary dietary staple may need to eat extra protein or take protein supplements to avoid malnutrition.

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